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We can landscape an outdoor space in accordance with an already-developed plan based on the architect or engineer’s instructions and technical specifications. Our team of specialists has extensive experience and knowledge for landscaping different kinds of spaces; we have landscaped the Origo shopping centre, the Business Garden office complex, the Centrus Quarter, the Museum Storage Facility, and much more. 

Individual solutions

Depending on the owner of the space and the manager’s requirements for functionality and aesthetic, our specialists will help select the most stylistically suitable elements. Our aim is to help you landscape your space for a harmonious, functional and easy-to-maintain environment.

Before landscaping the space, it is important to consider and plan for how people will use the space, whether it will be easy to maintain, and so on. 

We deliver and install: 

  • waste bins
  • bike racks 
  • benches
  • drainage
  • green roof systems 
  • other landscaping elements

We offer:

  • changing the relief of the space,
  • tree-planting systems for the city environment 
  • installation of other elements


The main benefits of landscaping 

  • Value. A landscaped outdoor space will increase the value of any property both while it is in use and when being rented out or sold. 
  • Functionality. Many elements that we install as part of landscaping create not just an aesthetic environment, but also make the space more functional, with the use of, for example, bike racks, benches and waste bins. 
  • Harmony. A space which has been landscaped by professionals is harmonious, because they will follow best practices when it comes to spacing between elements, building function and visitor or resident profile.
  • Sustainability. Our specialists will help you choose high-quality elements and materials so that your landscaped area will look good as new for many more years. 

Hercs Dārzs’ professional team, which includes both landscape architects and garden planning and greening experts, will help landscape the outdoor areas of your office, public building, residential quarter etc. in accordance with its style and function. Contact us to arrange a meeting with our specialists and explain your needs, ideas and aims. We will help you implement everything by recommending solutions which are most suited to the environment in your outdoor space.




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