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Hercs Flora has been in the greening industry since 1992. In this time, we have grown to become Latvia’s leading Interior Landscaping business, with Latvia’s largest companies and public institutions among our clients. We have collaborated in countless projects which have won Latvian Architecture Awards, and implemented the visions of various architects that were not previously available in the Latvian market.

Indoor Plants

Plants are a significant part of today’s interiors. Architects and designers plan the presence of plants just as carefully and they select furniture, decoration and lighting. A biophilic lifestyle and the presence of nature indoors makes our everyday life more vibrant and sharpens our mind. Plants fulfil both an aesthetic and functional role, and they allow the design to be more varied and practical. 

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Indoor Plant Maintenance

Often, our dynamic pace of life prevents us from caring for our indoor plants to a high standard—for some, due to a lack of time, while others may have too little knowledge of the topic. Therefore, to ensure that your indoor plants maintain their fresh initial appearance and avoid worries, Hercs Flora can take care of your plants when you sign a maintenance agreement, taking full responsibility for the living nature in your premises. 

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Plant Hire

If, for any reason, you do not wish to purchase plants, Hercs Flora offers plants for hire! Depending on the length of the project, we offer both long-term rentals with a contract for a year or two, and short-term rentals for events, presentations and exhibitions. 

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Artificial Plants

For situations when, for various reasons, live plants cannot be used, Hercs Flora offers high-quality artificial plants as an alternative. Our range includes very small plants, artificial cut flowers, and large green houseplants. Not only can you buy them from us, you can also consult our designers to find the right combinations for any style of interior, both for greening projects and special celebrations. 

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The Right Choice of Indoor Plants

The job of our designers at Hercs Flora is to help select suitable plants according to your environment and design, offering them in conjunction with stylish plant pots. We can offer plants from growers worldwide, as well as more than 6,000 plant pots of different sizes and shapes. 

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How do we ensure high-quality interior greening?

In our aim to be environmentally friendly and adhere to an increasingly biophilic lifestyle, we have become a sustainable business which offers its clients full-service interior greening: design, planting and plant maintenance. When outfitting an interior, our designers will help find the most suitable flowerpots in terms of shape and texture, while, if you sign a maintenance contract, professional plant maintenance specialists will visit you once a week to help and advise on all plant maintenance matters.

Our specialists: 

  • Are experienced and educated in their field, which is why we can offer a guarantee on our services and green walls.
  • Regularly attend international seminars and exhibitions to improve their qualifications and find out about the latest trends and technological advances in interior greening. 

For more than a decade, we have collaborated with growers worldwide in order to offer our clients a wide range of high-quality plants at reasonable prices and with short delivery times. Every year, we visit nurseries to establish new contacts and plant varieties which are new to Latvia.

Positive impact of indoor greenery on workplace health 

The aesthetic aspect is undoubtedly the first thing we think of when we consider green indoor spaces full of plants. However, this is not the only benefit of interior greening. For those living and working in a city, air pollution is a particularly relevant issue. Dangerous fumes are present not just on our streets, but also indoors, impacting our physical and mental well-being. Synthetic decorating products, furniture varnish, textile dyes: they all create pollution which plants can play a vital role in reducing.

Reducing pollution 

Studies on pollution show that indoor plants help rid the air of dangerous toxins and reduce carbon dioxide levels. The presence of plants helps us breathe more easily and increases employee concentration. For example, a Dracaena plant, when placed indoors, can filter out 94% of acetone particles. Air purifying capacity is dependant on various changeable factors, but 6-8 medium to large plants are enough to significantly improve air quality in an open office environment.

Improved employee well-being

Air quality and other environmental factors will improve as a result of interior greening. Aside from their purifying capabilities, plants have other qualities which improve employee well-being: air humidifying, sound dampening and stress reduction. The presence of indoor plants increases employee productivity, creativity and ability to concentrate on tasks by 15%. This means that employees suffer less illness and are much more keen to come to work. 

Interior greening is both an aesthetic and practical investment in a company’s development. When you choose an experienced team of specialists to develop and implement a greening plan, the benefits are felt by both clients and employees. Improved air quality means a better work environment and therefore better results. Our choice of plants is extensive: in collaboration with Europe’s largest growers, we can offer you the chance to find exactly what suits you best. We suggest you contact our professionals at Hercs Flora for the best results for your company’s premises!