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A stabilised moss wall is an innovative way to integrate elements of nature into any room. It takes up very little space, needs almost no maintenance, and looks amazing in many different situations. This is a very good alternative to a green wall and is a high-quality design element on its own merit. The porous texture of moss makes it a successful sound dampener, and it absorbs harmful substances found in the air. 

Hercs Flora has a great deal of experience in and is highly competent at installing this method. We have created countless works, including the largest moss wall in the Baltics, which has a total area of more than 100m²

What is the difference between moss walls and green walls? 

Stabilised moss is created using a special technological method in which it is processed with natural paraffin and glycerin. Moss which is prepared in this way is a living plant and maintains its aesthetic quality for a long time, and will look fresh for up to 10 years.

Unlike a living green wall, moss does not need watering, planting or maintaining. They do not have a particular need for natural light, as green plants do. This means that moss walls are a one-time purchase which do not create additional maintenance costs. 

This method is the most suitable for rooms whose walls cannot hold up significant weight—moss systems are four times lighter than houseplants. It is also worth knowing that moss takes up less space—this kind of construction is around 10-15cm thick, while a green wall needs around 40 cm. This makes stabilised moss a great alternative if you cannot install a green wall. 

How can the design of moss walls be adapted? 

Moss wall design allows for free reign with various combinations, because two identical walls are impossible to produce: each panel is an unrepeatable piece of craftsmanship with its own unique texture and colour. Textures and areas can be combined in countless ways, depending on the client’s expectation and budget. Unlike green walls, moss can be shaped any way you wish. For example, you could have your company’s logo or different areas which contrast with your interiors. To give moss walls some volume, they can be combined with other stabilised natural elements: leaves, plants, flowers. 

This kind of system can be installed practically anywhere. They have no particular need for light, so they are also suitable for dark spaces. However, there are a few factors to take into account: 

  • stabilised walls are not suitable for installing outdoors and in direct sunlight; 
  • excessively dry air is not suitable, but you can maintain a moss wall in these conditions by moistening the wall 1-2 times a year using a special spray intended for this purpose; 
  • In rooms which are too damp, moss may lose its aesthetic qualities, so special care must be taken to ensure that the environment is suitable.

Moss walls are a great alternative to green wall systems if you prioritise low installation costs, have limited space or weight capacity, or your planned location receives little natural light. We also suggest choosing this option if you want a design which is truly unique and adapted to you. If you want to see the projects we have implemented in Latvia, we suggest you visit Origo Business Centre or one of the TET customer service centres located in the larger shopping centres. If you have any questions about your moss wall options, our team will help you choose the best solution. 





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