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Often, our dynamic pace of life prevents us from caring for our indoor plants to a high standard—for some, due to a lack of time, while others may have too little knowledge of the topic. Therefore, to ensure that your indoor plants maintain their fresh initial appearance and avoid worries, Hercs Flora can take care of your plants when you sign a maintenance agreement, taking full responsibility for the living nature in your premises. 

Regular maintenance of your plants

Indoor plant maintenance is a regular, long-term project, so we will be happy to take responsibility for them in your office, client spaces or elsewhere. Our specialists will visit you once or twice a week and, after evaluating the condition of your plants, will do the work needed to maintain them: 

  • watering 
  • fertilising 
  • cleaning 
  • repotting

Your plants will always look amazing, and you won’t have to worry about maintaining them. For your peace of mind, our maintenance contracts include a guarantee that your indoor plants will remain just as green and fresh for the whole contract period as they were at the start. The service also includes plant exchange if they for some reason become damaged.

Collaboration options

After evaluating the condition of a client’s plants, we offer different levels of contract terms, from simple maintenance to an agreement which includes the exchange of any plant should the interior, layout or lighting of a space change. We work with each client individually to find out their requirements and specifics. Work can be done during business hours, before or after, and in some cases also during the weekend. To ensure that plant maintenance is successful, the client’s only job is providing the correct environmental conditions: lighting and a suitable temperature. 

In our everyday work, we pay a large amount of attention not just to plant maintenance, but also to finding out our clients’ needs and following our policy of discreetness. 

Why choose this service?

If you take on the responsibility of a large number of indoor plants without prior knowledge of how to look after them, there are various risks of damaging them. Most often, plants are overwatered or, the opposite, dried up. A crucial mistake is also placing the plants in an unsuitable—too light or dark—room. When caring for plants, fertilising, prompt repotting and getting rid of pests is important.

Our indoor plant maintenance specialists have a great deal of experience and relevant education in plant maintenance, pest control and professional plant maintenance equipment. Our employees regularly attend courses to increase their qualifications and learn new things about the latest plant maintenance technologies and materials. We therefore also provide separate consultations in which our employees will evaluate the condition of any plant and explain how to care for it properly. 

Indoor plant maintenance is not a complicated process, and anyone is able to do it, as long as they have enough knowledge about the specific varieties and their location and watering needs. When you choose Hercs Flora, we guarantee plants that always look fresh, confidentiality, work at times convenient to you and a positive long-term partnership. To find out more about your options, we invite you to contact our team! 




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