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Balconies and terraces are small oases for city dwellers. Hercs Dārzs offers greening services for terraces and balconies. We provide plants and flowers both for business—office, hotel, restaurant, cafe—terraces, and the terraces and balconies of residential houses and apartments. In addition to designing terrace and balcony greening projects, we also plant and maintain them. 

Varied offer: terrace plants and balcony flowers 

When decorating your balcony or terrace, it is important to look for the best solutions both stylistically and functionally: flower pots, balcony boxes, plants, flowers and other elements. If your balcony or terrace is on a higher floor, it is important to choose solutions with secure fastenings and easy watering so that it does not bother or risk the safety of pedestrians and those on lower floors.

Our designers will help you select ready-made flower pots which are suitable for sharp temperature changes, or prepare individual balcony boxes adapted for perennial balcony plants. Our specialists will help develop a design and select a collection of plants to ensure that your terrace is bright and attractive all year round. 


Terrace plants and balcony flowers must be watered and maintained regularly, because they can quickly be damaged in direct summer sunlight. The plants must also be fertilised regularly, which we suggest doing in early spring. To ensure that your terrace plants always look great, Hercs Dārzs offers to do these jobs for you. Our employees will show up when necessary, water, fertilise and re-pot your plants, in addition to doing any additional plant maintenance jobs which are necessary.

The most suitable terrace plants 

The most suitable evergreen plants for planting in flower boxes on your terrace for the Latvian climate: thuja, yew, juniper, boxwood, decorative spruce and pine. If you are able to overwinter your plants, you can also plant other plants on your terrace. In the summer, your terrace can even be adorned with palms and olive trees, but these must be moved to a room with a suitable climate when cooler weather arrives. 

To keep your terrace bright in the winter, you can plant heather in late autumn, which will keep until the spring if there is enough humidity. You can now get a wide range of vibrant varieties of heather, and when these are combined, they allow for a great variety of colours and sizes. 

Balcony flowers

When you sign a long-term agreement, we will fill your flower pots with flowers which are suitable for the season. 

In early spring, the first harbingers of the new season in balcony boxes are colourful pansies. They can be planted as soon as the snow melts. They can survive cold nights up to −10 °C. However, once it is warmer and no longer in the minuses, the range of spring flowers is greater and we can already plant flowers that you can enjoy all summer long. Particularly stylish in balcony arrangements are grasses, which have become especially popular in the past few years. 

Overwintering your plants and preparing your terrace

In addition to plant maintenance, we also offer other services, such as overwintering your terrace plants, reviving your plants after the winter, and preparing, painting and repairing wooden balcony boxes, among others.

Your balcony or terrace can become your city oasis! Our specialists will help you select the most suitable plants based on the location and size of your terrace, your lifestyle and other factors. 

Want to find out more about terrace or balcony greening options?

Contact us for more information on our terrace and balcony services, planting and plant maintenance. 




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